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Para Durumu




In 2010, Özlem Denizmen founded Para Durumu (Money Cast) social enterprise whose focus is personal financial management. As a personal finance platform Para Durumu reaches out to women, children, families, corporates and university students via physical meetings, organizes seminars with different groups and teaches personal finance to people around Turkey.

The platform also includes Money School which is an academy specialized for personal financial education. It designs and executes CSR projects with its social partners. Moreover, it reaches individuals through its website and mobile apps. Also Denizmen’s publications support reach of millions of people through books, newspaper and magazine articles, television and radio programs.



Three Piggy Banks program (3 Kumbara), which started in 2011-2012 and will continue till 2017 in Turkey, aims to teach 500.000 students at fourth grade elementary school students in Turkey, an understanding of financial literacy and skills to manage their money. The program, sponsored by Doğuş Group and managed by Para Durumu, reaches a sample of schools in all 81 cities in Turkey. That is to say, it partners with Ministry of National Education, all 81 local departments of education and thus creates awareness at the highest level of education in each city. So far 411.000 fourth graders attended the program in 48 different cities and the target is 500,000 children in the remaining cities by 2017. The program reached the parents via the students. Children are taught to manage their financial resources by operating three piggy banks: “saving”, “sharing” and “spending”.



Kalp Women Platform, which aims to increase the income and money management skills of the housewives, by improving their financial confidence. The target is to develop the financial literacy level of Turkey.

The platform is three-legged:
Financial Literacy Seminars by Özlem Denizmen
Entrepreneur Women Atelier
Facebook page (KadınlarPlatformu)



“Goal 20.000 Women”is a personal finance education movement for women initiated by Doğuş Group in cooperation with Para Durumu with support of the Ministry of Family and Social Policies and Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality.

The movement has the aim of raising financial awareness of 20.000 women in Istanbul until the end of 2013. After the completion of this first phase of the movement, the aim is to develop an education model that can become a nation-wide education plan, which will be taught at various Municipality Arts and Vocational Training Centers in Turkey.


FODER Financial Literacy & Inclusion Association

Financial Literacy & Inclusion Association (FODER) is a non-profit dedicated to improving financial literacy and inclusion in Turkey. Founded by Özlem Denizmen in November 2012 and accredited by the OECD, FODER is Turkey’s first NGO solely focusing on financial education.

FODER’s current provision includes Learn Money Week – a global initiative led by MyBnk, the Young Global Leaders of the World Economic Forum, in association with Child Youth Finance International and Learn Money e.V. and 3 Kumbara (a youth savings plan for primary school children).
Over the past two years FODER has worked with approximately 70,000 young people and has engaged a wide range of supporters from Turkey’s financial and commercial worlds, many of whom sit on FODER’s Board of Directors and Advisory Board.



Parayön is a Foder youth financial literacy project which delivers programs for 14-25 year old young people in schools, youth organizations and child centers subordinated to Ministry of Family and Social Policies in different cities in Turkey. The Project sponsored by J.P Morgan Foundation. The three modules of Parayön:

1. Paragram/ MyBnk’s “Money Twist”: For the 13-17 year age group, we give some heads up information on different types of occupations, how money is earned and stimulate thinking on these topics early on. We also provide basics on separation and management of needs and wants and foundations of banking.

2. Parayol/ MyBnk’s “Money Works”: For the 13-17 year age group we inform teenagers on budgeting, gaining useful habits on spending, some details on banking products and lending.

3. Parametre/MyBnk’s “Unidosh”: Trainings provided for the 17-21 year olds either preparing  for the university entrance exams or already are freshmen. We provide support on making a budget, assessing different possible income sources and alternate sources of expenses. Basic info on credit scores etc.

Women Empowerment



Özlem Denizmen is a Board Member of Independent Women Directors (IWD). It is a project initiated by Sabancı University (SU), with the financial endorsement of General Consulate of Sweden in Turkey and in strategic partnership with Egon Zehnder International Turkey.

The project aims to help companies to give priority to women when nominating independent directors. It aims to help Turkish women to hold more senior roles in the corporate world leading to have more influence on setting the corporate political agenda and eventually have more to say on the national socio-political roadmap.


Özlem Denizmen is a member of the Steering Committee of the Equality at the Work Platform (representing Doğuş Group).
The "Equality at Work Platform" was introduced at a meeting attended by Fatma Şahin, former Minister of Family and Social Policies, Güler Sabancı, Sabancı Holding Board Chairman and Ferit Şahenk, Doğuş Holding Board Chairman. The goal of the 3-year project was to increase the participation of women in the business work force in Turkey and to reduce the gender gap in Turkey's economic contributions and opportunities by 10 percent.

Denizmen is also a member of the WEF Global Agenda Council on Gender Parity which allows her to leverage the issue of gender parity both globally and in Turkey.
The project aims to help companies to give priority to women when nominating independent directors